Ella, Poppy and Kikki are a female trio of mischievous young aliens who appear in "Young Bad Aliens". They were the Students of Spacely Hall, the Outer-Space School where Frida attended.

Ella, Poppy and Kikki
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Species: Aliens
Gender: Female
Gender appearance: All wear Spacely Hall Uniforms
Occupation: Students of Spacely Hall
Age: 10 (Ella)

8 (Poppy) 9 (Kikki)

Height: 10 cm (Ella)

8 cm (Poppy) 9 cm (Kikki)

Born: 10 December, 2010 (Ella)

13 January, 2015 (Poppy) 29 September, 2012 (Kikki)

Enemies: Miles, Pip, Loretta, Blodger, Merc, Frida
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Barbara Dirickson (Ella)

Tara Strong (Poppy) Laura Bailey (Kikki)

Physical Information
Blue (Ella)

Green (Poppy) Brown (Kikki)

Magenta (Ella)

Yellow (Poppy) Silver (Kikki)

Spacely Hall Uniforms

In the Show Edit

According to Loretta and Blodger, the Students from Spacely Hall came every year to play mean pranks at Tomorrowland Prep that leaves the school in disarray for months, and the tricks they do are far from harmless. They show no respect towards anyone, not even their elders, unless its to compliment someone in the trio, for performing with their space guns for their "pranks".

When Phoebe's older sister, Frida, works herself as a teacher for the Tomorrowland Prep Students, the three young female aliens, Ella, Poppy and Kikki, showed up and began to wreak havoc upon the school. They were eventually banished by Frida and the students after they pulled pranks like defacing beautiful sculptures with mustaches, turning Solar System planet models into mushrooms, and filling the school with bubbles to make it float. Luckily, they are been defeated by Miles, who forced them to give up pranking Tomorrowland Prep forever.

Trivia Edit

  • They were similar to Elliot, Amy and Kurt, the characters from the Sofia the First series.
  • It's unknown when they returned to Spacely Hall, and they all get grounded by the principal of Spacely Hall.

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