Loretta Callisto
Miles From Tomorrowland Loretta
Other names: Starshine (Leo and Pheobe Calisto)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Researcher
Age: 13
Height: 1m 56
Nationality: Belgian
Residence: Stellosphere
Born: January 9, 2004
Enemies: Gadfly Garnett
Professional Information
  Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA)

Callisto Family

Friends and Family
Captain Phoebe (mother)
Leo Callisto (father)
Miles Callisto (younger brother)
Admirals Watson and Crick, M.E.R.C.
Pets: M.E.R.C (robot-ostrich)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  [[Runaway Shuttle / Surfin' the Whirlpool]]
Voiced by:
Fiona Bishop
Physical Information
Pink scarf- like garment around neck

Light Pink Jacket? with orange zip Purple sleeves on Jacket Pink leggings? White Boots with an orange stripe and pink soles Pink Bracelex

Loretta Callisto (born January 9, 2004) is a Miles From Tomorrowland character. She is Miles Callisto's beautiful 13-year old big sister and Leo and Phoebe Callisto's daughter who explores the universe with the rest of her family. She is voiced by Fiona Bishop.



Bio Edit

Loretta researches and records new discoveries and has the answer to almost any question in the universe right on her wrist with her bracelex. She's a brilliant researcher. At first, she was 11 years old in the 2015 episodes. But in season 2, she was 12 years old. In 2017, she was 13.

Relationships Edit

Leo Callisto Edit

  • her relationship with her father is good

Phoebe Callisto Edit

  • Her relationship with her mother is very strong

Miles Callisto Edit

  • Loretta's relationship with her brother is alright as Miles tends to annoy Loretta with his behaviour.

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