Miles Callisto has Disney Channel shorts called Messages from Miles, where he imparts Cosmic Explorer Rules, so far he has ten rules, and there will be more to come:

Cosmic Explorer Rule 14: Speed – Watch your speed in outer space.

Cosmic Explorer Rule 22: Robots – Always bring a robot on a space mission.

Cosmic Explorer  Rule 31: Unpredictable Aliens – Humans are pretty much the same, aliens not so much.

Cosmic Explorer Rule 33: Bathroom – Exo-Flexing’s not as easy as you think. While the Exo-Flex suit is built for strength and power, it lacks certain things most importantly – a bathroom.

Cosmic Explorer Rule 41: Hygiene – Always keep your spacesuit clean. That means avoiding Stinky socks, messy food, and most important – sneezes in your space helmet!

Cosmic Explorer Rule 47: Space Manners – Mind your manners, even in outer space.

Cosmic Explorer Rule 65A: Beware of Cute Aliens – Beware of cute aliens! Looks can definitely be deceiving: an adoreable face might be full of some not-so-adorable teeth, and something tiny might grow into something big and scary!

Cosmic Explorer Rule 65b: RUN!!!

Cosmic Explorer Rule 78: Communication - To communicate, you don’t always need to talk. Sometimes body language can tell the whole story.

Cosmic Explorer Rule 79: Floating Food – Watch out for flying foods!

Cosmic Explorer Rule 93: Heavy Weather – Be ready for unpredictable weather.

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