Miles Callisto
Miles Calissto riding Blastboard
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Messages From Miles
Age: 9
Height: 1m 40
Nationality: Belgian
Residence: Stellosphere
Born: February 11, 2008
Enemies: Gadfly Garnett
Professional Information
  Tomorrowland Transit Authority
Friends and Family
Captain Phoebe (mother)
Leo Callisto (father)
Vincent Callisto (grandfather)
Loretta Callisto (older sister)
Admirals Watson and Crick, M.E.R.C, Professor Rubicon, Spectryx, Haruna Kitumba, Pipp Wimpley, Blodger Blopp, Mirandos
Pets: M.E.R.C (robot-ostrich)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Runaway Shuttle / Surfin' the Whirlpool
Voiced by:
Cullen McCarthy (season 1), Justin Felbinger (season 2)
Physical Information
Miles Callisto (born February 11,:2008) is the main protagonist of Miles From Tomorrowland.


Official Disney BioEdit

Miles is a space adventurer who’s always ready for action. He blasts through the universe with his best friend and robot-ostrich, M.E.R.C. Together they journey to new worlds, meet alien creatures and make galactic discoveries!

Gallery Edit


  • He shares similar characteristics with Hiro Hamada. Both of them are depicted as children with black hair and fly with their different companions (Baymax and M.E.R.C).

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