The Planet Jewels are objects that are kept in Leo Callisto's chest. The jewels made their only appearances in "The Mysterious Space Legend".

Planet Jewels
Vital statistics
Type Jewels
Effects For being used to save the space from evil
Source Powerful
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

History Edit

According to one of the space legends, the Planet Jewels are very powerful, and they've been storing space powers inside for 20 years ago, and the only ones who can make them work, was Miles, Loretta, Blodger, Merc, and Pipp Whipley. Leo gives them the five jewels to save space from Princess Jessimoon.

List of Planet Jewels Edit

In the Series Edit

The Planet Jewels are been shown inside Leo's chest, so no one will ever find them. Later, Miles told Leo that Princess Jessimoon is hypnotizing everyone in the universe into her maids and servants. Leo then gives them the Planet Jewels to turn into the Planet Rangers. Miles with the power of Jupiter, Loretta with the power of Saturn, Pipp Whipley with the power of Mars, Merc with the power of Venus, and Blodger with the power of Neptune.

Planet Rangers Members Edit

Loretta Edit

The pink Planet Ranger whose abilities was to use her Saturn rings to tie up anyone. Her symbol is a pink heart.

Miles Edit

The green Planet Ranger whose abilities was to use his space gun to turn anyone back to normal. His symbol is a green lightning bolt.

Pipp Whipley Edit

The orange Planet Ranger whose abilities is to use his flute to make anyone calm down. His symbol was an orange music note.

Merc Edit

The blue Planet Ranger whose abilities is to run super fast. His symbol is a blue triangle.

Blodger Edit

The lighter purple Planet Ranger whose abilities was to turn anyone happy. His symbol is a lighter purple star.

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