Princess Jessimoon is an evil space princess who appears in the Miles from Tomorrowland series. She made her only appearance in "The Mysterious Space Legend".

Princess Jessimoon
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Species: Alien
Gender: Female
Gender appearance: Slender, rich blue alien skin, sleeveless pink princess dress, wears a sparkling golden crown with a planet-shaped crystal, wears pink sparkling shoes
Occupation: Evil Space Princess
Age: 14
Height: 13 cm
Born: 12 October, 20015
Enemies: Miles, Leo, Loretta, Phoebe, Pipp Whipley, Merc, Blodger Bopp
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
June Shanny
Physical Information
Dark blue
Princess dress

Appearance Edit

A fabulous but usually evil 14-year-old alien space princess with rich blue alien skin, wears a sleeveless pink princess dress, has a sparkling gold crown with a planet-shaped crystal on top of her head, and wears pink sparkling shoes.

Personality Edit

She's a fabulous and evil alien space princess who wanted to turn the whole space into her new space kingdom. It's unknown whether she can go to the good side or not, but she appeared to be greedy, selfish, and less kind.

In the Series Edit

She appears in her castle on the Moon, her home, to think about the perfect plan to rule. Her minor goal is to turn the people and aliens into her servants and maids and turn space into a space kingdom she will rule in "The Mysterious Space Legend". She can turn any human or alien into her servant or maid by using her space wand. She invented her new invention minion, Lorettabot, that usually looks like the actual Loretta. She uses Lorettabot to help her turn space into a kingdom. But her invention got destroyed by Miles, Merc and their friends. Leo then gives Miles and the other friends the Planet Jewels that are kept in Frida's chest to keep them safe from evil ones. Miles and his friends then transformed into the Planet Rangers to defeat Princess Jessimoon from turning space into her very own space kingdom. According to the space legend, when someone works together as a teamwork with all the Planet Jewels at the same time, will defeat Princess Jessimoon and destroy Lorettabot.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is a pun on a girl's name "Jessica".
  • She's the second royal alien who appears in the series. The first ones are Queen Gemma and Prince Rygan.
  • It was nearly unknown if she will go to the good side or not.

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