Runaway Merc was the forty-seventh episode in season 2 of the Miles from Tomorrowland series. It will premiered on Monday, 7 November, 2016.

Runaway Merc
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Season: 2
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Broadcast number: 47
Story by:
Sherri Stoner
Written by:
Deena Oliver
Storyboards by:
Clarence Thomas
Directed by:
Tara Strong
Broadcast Information
Disney Junior US Premiere:
12 November, 2016
Disney Channel US Premiere:
23 December, 2016
International Debut:
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Synopsis Edit

When Merc thinks that Miles is not inviting him to the sleepover, Merc decided to run away.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Miles giving Merc some booster-bites. Miles told Merc that Pipp Whipley, Haruna Kitumba and Blodger are coming to the sleepover for the night. Merc then became excited. Their friends arrived at the sleepover. They all then decided to have fun during the sleepover party (such as eating popcorn while watching movies, playing cards and playing Space Alien Boogie 2). Miles, Haruna, Pipp and Merc are in Miles' bedroom playing. Blodger then approached them that the new episode of Slim the Courage Alien is about to start. They then left the room, leaving Merc finishing his booster-bites.

When Merc finished his booster-bites, he heard his friends talking while watching T.V. He then knew that Miles is not inviting him to the sleepover. This made Merc very sad, but his friends are actually talking about Gadfly Garnett who is not invited to the sleepover party. He then went into Miles' room to pack up his things to runaway, including a photo of he and Miles. He then flied away without them noticing. After watching T.V., they went back inside Miles' bedroom to go back to playtime. But they knew that Merc vanished. Miles then knew that Merc just had ran away. They went to Leo and Phoebe to tell them about it.

They went into the living room, and Miles told Leo that Merc just had ran away. Leo told Miles that he just noticed that Merc is gone, too. Phoebe shows Miles the letter written on the computer by Merc. Miles then knew that Merc ran away because he thinks that he was not inviting him to the sleepover. Phoebe and Leo told Miles and his friends to look for Merc all over space. He may be somewhere in one of the planets. They all then set off to look for Merc.

In space, Merc was looking for a planet for him to live. He then founds the biggest planet, Jupiter. Merc then decided to live on Jupiter, and never come back. Meanwhile, Miles and his friends decided to split up to search for Merc. Miles will look for Merc on Neptune, Haruna Kitumba will look for Merc on Mars, Pipp Whipley will look for Merc on Saturn, and Blodger will look for Merc on the Moon. They all then split up to find Merc. On planet Jupiter, Merc is setting up a tent to sleep in. He then finished setting his tent up. He went inside and sleep. Meanwhile, Miles is looking for Merc on planet Neptune, but no sign of Merc. On Mars, Haruna Kitumba saw something shiny up ahead. He then went off to see what it is. He then think it was Merc, but it was actually a tree grow with crystals on Mars. On Saturn, Pipp Whipley still didn't found Merc. Then, on the Moon, Blodger didn't found Merc either. Miles and the others looked for Merc everywhere on the four planets, but no sign of Merc.

Back on planet Jupiter, Merc was roasting some booster-bites with a campfire, and eats it. Miles and the other kids went back to the Stellosphere, telling Leo and Phoebe that they didn't found Merc. Leo checks the computer, and finds out that Merc was actually on planet Jupiter. Miles and his friends then went out of the Stellosphere, and went off to find Merc on planet Jupiter. They landed on Jupiter. Merc is sleeping in his tent, and he was later been founded by Miles and his friends.

The scene changes back inside the Stellosphere. Miles and his friends are happy to see Merc back. Pipp Whipley asks Merc why he just ran away. Merc then answered that he ran away because he thinks that they are not inviting him to the sleepover. Haruna then told Merc that they are actually talking about Gadfly who is not invited to the sleepover. They all then became happy, and went into Miles' room to watch Slim the Courage Alien at the end of the episode while eating popcorn and drinking cola.

Main Characters Edit

Minor Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Gadfly is mention by Blodger that he's not invited to the sleepover.
  • This is the first time Merc ran away from home and never return.
  • Merc packs up his booster-bites, blanket, bowl, pillow and a photo of he and Miles when he is just a baby before running away.

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