Skellig Ro
Skellig Ro
Gender: Male
Occupation: Naxos Master
Friends and Family
Physical Information

Master Skellig Ro is a character who appears in the Disney Junioranimated series, Miles from Tomorrowland. He is known as the greatest Naxos master in the universe. He lives alone on a planet called Arridium and barely anyone has even met him. Miles andLoretta's mother, Phoebe Callisto, is one of the lucky few who has ever met him in person as well learn beside him.

In the weak gravity of Arridium, Skellig Ro is known to move fast as the wind, that people can only get a slight glimpse of him before he disappears without a trace. It is also shown that he is capable of controlling the weather, which he uses to test the skills of those who wish to learn from him.

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